Sharp Crochet Hook

Finally... an easy way to crochet through fabric!

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"A sharp crochet hook is a fantastic tool I came across recently. I think every crochet enthusiast needs one in their collection! It is a new crochet hook that has a special patent pending design on the tip that allows it to easily slide through fabric and paper. All I can say is I love my sharp crochet and I can't wait to use it on a number of more projects throughout this year!"
-- Jade Louise Designs
"The Sharp Crochet Hook is a handy tool that is ideal for crocheting through fabric to create really stunning edgings. No longer will you have to poke holes through the fabric before crocheting or pay to get it hemstitched."
-- Crochet 1-2-3 Magazine
"The new patent-pending Sharp Crochet Hook glides through fabric much easier than normal crochet hooks do. You can use it to crochet edges on all kinds of things."
-- Crochet World Magazine