Sharp Crochet Hook Demo Video

Well, until we get that demo video working properly, here is the text:

Crocheting through fabric is so easy with the Sharp Crochet Hook! The advantage to using a sharp crochet hook is that it glides through the fabric so much easier than a normal crochet hook. Normal crochet hooks have rounded heads that are meant for going through yarn, not fabric. You don't have to buy the hemstitched blankets that are presewn with the holes.

With the Sharp Crochet Hook, you can easily crochet a cute edging on any fabric you want!

On the back of the Sharp Crochet Hook package, there are three edging patterns. You can crochet edging patterns around flannel baby blankets and burp clothes, gloves, socks, towels, greeting cards, pretty much anything made out of fabric or thick paper. Using the Sharp Crochet Hook is so easy and relaxing, and when you are done with your project, you will have something that will be cherished for a really long time.

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