Compare Yarn Types

There are different brands, colors, and sizes of yarn available. The ideal yarn for you is going to depend on your project.

Comparing different sizes of yarns

In the crochet world, the smaller the size of yarn, the thicker it is. There are three readily available sizes of crochet thread available- size 10, 5, and 3. I generally use a size 3 crochet thread if I am crocheting around a baby blanket because I think it is the softest. Size 5 is a bit thinner and it can also work for baby blankets, but I think it is best for crocheting hems on skirts, gloves, or other apparel. Size 10 is the thinnest and is great for very detailed crochet projects, and will give you a fabulous lacy effect.

Comparing different colors of yarn

There are so many types of yarn available, but the size and brand you choose might limit the color available. If you want to match the yarn to something else, like if you are making a baby blanket to match an outfit, bring it with you to the yarn store. You might be surprised that darker colors will match better than lighter colors in different light. Or, if you want to be safe, you can go with white. White is a great color to use because it will match almost anything, but make sure it is yarn that will hold up in the washing machine, because white will not hide stains well. Variegated yarn is another option. Variegated yarn changes the color so it will match a wide range of colors, and it is superb at hiding stains.

Comparing different brands

Some people like the "softness" of one type or yarn. Others might like to use the cheapest kind of yarn. Some brands are more durable if they need to be machine washed, and some are more delicate.

Here is a bit of information about some major brands of yarn and crochet thread:

Comparing different brands of YARN

Red Heart Super Saver - probably the lowest cost yarn available, but it is not soft at all. It is offered in a huge assortment of colors, and can be machine washed.

Caron Simply Soft - a bit more expensive than the Red Heart, but it is much softer. It is offered in a decent assortment of colors in stores, but for the best selection of colors buy online. It can be machine washed.

I Love This Yarn (a Hobby Lobby Brand)- the cost is about the same as the Caron Simply Soft. It is probably not quite as soft, but it is still cuddle-able. The yarn is a bit thicker than the Caron Simply Soft.

Vanna's Choice (Lion Brand)- it is very comparable to the "I Love This Yarn" brand when it comes to softness, thickness, and cost. It is reporedly made in the USA.

Homespun Yarn Lion Brand)- it is a bit more expensive than the Vanna's Choice, but it has a cool texture that makes it really soft and unique. It is machine washable.

Comparing different brands of CROCHET THREAD

Aunt Lydia's - comes in size 10, 5, and 3. There are a wide variety of crochet thread available from this brand- it comes in sizes 10, 5, and 3. There is super soft bamboo crochet thread available. There is a wide range of colors available, including shiny metallic colors for size 10 crochet thread.

Bernat - This is a relatively new brand to the crochet thread world, but is an experienced yarn maker. Their crochet thread also comes in size 10, 5, and 3. It is available in larger quantities, so if you will use a lot of crochet thread, this brand might give you the best value.

DMC - They make a huge variety of different types of crochet thread. Possibly, they are best well know for their DMC Baroque Crochet Cotton Thread, which is a 100% super mercerized cotton and comes in a pull skein. DMC also makes a Senso line of crochet thread that comes on a spool like the other brands. It is the only brand that I'm aware of to offer a Microfiber line, which comes in a size 3, making it perfect for crocheting edgings on baby blankets.

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