What is Hemstitching?

There are four ways to crochet through fabric.

1. Hemstitching

Hemstitching is a stitch in which parallel threads are drawn and exposed threads are caught together in groups. There are commercial hemstitching machines that will make little holes in the fabric while they sew through them. Some people pay to have their fabric hemstitched by machine so they can crochet edgings around the fabric in the holes the hemstitching machine produces. This can be a time consuming and expensive process, but some prefer to do it this way so they can crochet edgings through the fabric easier.

2. Push a normal crochet hook through the fabric

Have you ever tried to push a normal crochet hook through fabric? It doesn't go through the fabric very easily. They have rounded heads so you have to push it through the fabric with quite a bit of force.

3. Use an awl to prepoke holes through the fabric before using a normal crochet hook

This takes a lot of time. So annoying.

4. Use the Sharp Crochet Hook (Best option!)

The alternative to getting your fabric hemstitched (expensive), or to pushing a normal crochet hook through the fabric (hard to do) is to use the Sharp Crochet Hook. It has a sharp needle point head that is ideal for gliding through fabric, so you can crochet edgings with ease. It goes through the fabric much easier than normal crochet hook. Order one now!

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